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Yes, you are BeYOUtiful!

Have you ever been overcome with the feeling of inadequacy? The voices in your head scream, “I’m not creative enough” or “I’m not talented enough.” Like you, I have been rattled by these thoughts and sometimes it’s enough to zap every part of my creativity.

At times, I felt like God did not gift me with any talents while everyone else was blessed with everything. Ha! In retrospect, I laugh at how foolish those thoughts were. However, it is out of those feelings that the BeYoutiful Collection was born—by taking what I thought was nothing and allowing God to turn it into something, one creation at a time.

Created for those still experimenting, learning to believe in themselves, and trying to discover what makes them unique, The BeYOUtiful collection are unique handmade statement pieces for one of a kind women.

It’s time to flaunt it! Discover and uncover what makes you unique. Create a life you love through art, creativity, and fashion. Once others see how beautiful being you is, you’ll encourage others to embrace their own unique beauty.

This collection is not just fashion, it’s a movement. The word BeYOUtiful is just what it sounds like: Be You. Love yourself and add your own special color and creativity to the world.

Have you ever heard the comments, I am not creative or I wish I were creative like you? The truth is we are all creative in different ways, and we are always creating even when we think we are not. We can create a life we love through art, creativity, and fashion.

Creating is a process of experimentation and discovery; you need to tap into a side of you that you may not know is there. Part of the process involves letting go, not worrying about messing up, and striving not to compare your work to others.

It is about freely stepping out of the box and doing something different (or something you’ve always wanted to do, but you were too afraid to do out of fear of what you would produce). When we allow ourselves to create through writing, singing, dancing, cooking, talking, problem solving, painting, drawing, or even doodling on a piece of paper, we are releasing our natural ability to create and allow our creativity to flow.

The more we create, the more creativity will flow from us and through us in a beautiful way. Did you know our creativity can help others too?

Think of that song that makes you feel better, the beat that gets you in the mood to dance, or the creative joke that makes you laugh. Someone else’s creativity can inspire and uplift you!

We are most critical of ourselves, so when we create something we usually think it is not good enough. Truth be told, when we believe what we tell ourselves, we become what our mouths manifest us to be.

When we lack faith, sometimes we depend on the validation of others. However, once we learn to love who we are and what we create, then we accept ourselves and not look for our own value in other people and their opinion of us or of our creativity.

We are born to create and we were created by a great Creator, so why question our creativity when we are individually, uniquely and wonderfully made? We are all creative in our own way. We live in a world surrounded by creativity. Everything you see around you was created or made by someone.

So, the next time you tell yourself you are not creative, do the opposite and create. I encourage everyone who has made it to the end of this blog post to create something beautiful everyday. What you create can be made in your home, for someone else, for your children, or maybe just for you. And when you create, remember you are BeYOUtiful.

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Stay blessed, Stay beautiful & LuvLife!

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