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Stop Comparing

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Comparing ourselves to others often times attempts to rob us of great joy and tries to steal our peace. Just think have you ever compared your life to others and it made you feel inadequate, unhappy and like you are not enough. Sometimes, we allow the spirit of comparison to come in our hearts and it may make you feel like you haven’t come far enough, especially when we compare our growth, our success, what we do or don’t have, and our journey to others. Comparrisson attempts to rob us of who we are because it makes us feel like we aren’t good enough, when actually we are more than enough. When we stop comparing, we then can start to discover what makes us unique. We are each very special to God and he designed each one of us for a great purpose, with a special gift and a unique type of love that he wants us to share with others. In fact, God's spirit lives inside each one of us which makes us very special, we are actually Gods very own prized possession and worth more than rubies and pearls. Now how can we compare that to anything or anyone else? When you take your eyes off everything or everyone else and focus them on God you get to see not only how amazing God is but how amazing, wonderful and unique he created you to be. Remember, it’s the difference in us that makes us unique.


Thank you for stopping at Luv4Life Blog today and sharing a few moments of your day with us. I would like to encourage you through a scripture today and remind you that wherever you are in your journey today that you should never compare your journey to someone else's especially if it brings you to a place of sadness or feeling like you are not enough. If anything, allow others to inspire you instead of making you feel defeated in yourself. Outwardly looking in you can never know what someone has been through to get them where they are today so don't compare your life to anyone one else's. Be grateful for who you are, where you are in your journey and focus on what God has for you lovely one! Until the next time #staybold #staybeyoutiful #stayblessed and #LuvLife #Luv4LifeFashion

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