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Live a Life of Thanks!

The greatest thank you and honor to our Lord is not just based on how many times we say thank you but how we are showing our thankfulness in the way we live and if we are honoring his word.

How do we give thanks to our Father, Thank you Lord! Yes, we say it, but are we living it?

We must make it our goal to live out the reflection of Christ in our daily lives. It's not a one day, its every day! Through us seeking out the word of God and being obedient to his commands it is pleasing to God. God loves when we give him praise and give honor to his Son, but he also loves when his word is operating in our lives. So, lets honor God in not just what we say but by what we do. Live according to Gods word because this is so pleasing to our Heavenly Father.



Lord, I thank you for your power, your presence, your purpose, and your provision. Father I give you thanks today and every day. May I have strength (your strength operating in me) to live out the reflection of your image in my daily life, bringing honor to your name by how I live and not just what I say. Lord, thank you for investing time in me and specifically calling my name, for reaching out and grabbing me and telling me to follow in your ways. Father thank you for choosing me. I want to follow you Lord and thank you for setting the perfect example of how I should live my life. Thank you, Father.

In Jesus precious name Amen!

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