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I Can't but with God I Can!

Good morning to you Lovely One,

Can I ask you a quick question, don’t worry you don’t need to respond to me? This is more of a self-reflection question.

Have you ever wanted to do something that you thought was way beyond your ability to do? I’m sitting behind my computer screen saying to myself ME, Me, me, I have, I have!!!

Just think about it for a quick second and whatever that thing is you’ve always wanted to do, but in your mind, you may have thought I can’t do that. I want to but I can’t, for whatever your reason is for feeling like you can’t do it, did you know the moment you think something, and that four-letter word pops up on the inside of you, you are already telling yourself you won’t do it because on the inside you feel like you are not capable of doing it. How many things do you think we could conquer, get done or even overcome if we didn’t allow those words to come up and manifest on the outside of us. I mean I wonder what would happen if we just went around saying I Can, I Can, I Can, I Can and then, just did it.

Ok so I am going to ask that question again.

Have you ever wanted to do something that you thought was way beyond your ability to do? Well did you know that with God you can do all things even the things you thought you could not do.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

The one thing that may be missing is that you think that you must do it all on your own. But you don’t because there is a greater strength that gets to working on the inside of you that allows you to accomplish more than you could have ever thought you could. That great strength is called Gods strength, yes go ahead, and recognize that it is not by our power alone that we are who we are. It is by Gods strength and power that we CAN and when you come into a partnership with him, he will give you the ability to accomplish and overcome all things.

A partnership with God is the best thing you could ever do and then you will begin to see that you can achieve everything you thought you once couldn’t.

#Yes, It Starts with God, entering into a partnership with God is the best partnership ever and you can do all things through Jesus Christ. Happy New Day to whatever day in the week you are reading this and if you made it to the end of this blog post thank you so much and I appreciate you reading it to the end. You are so loved, now let’s do all things with Christ’s strength today and everyday going forward because I bet God has some pretty amazing things just for us.

With Love always,

Luv4Life fashion

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