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Zi ' gloss

-her story-

The entrepreneurial gene lives in our daughter, Aziah Wilkins, too. Since elementary school, she dreamed of starting her own business and becoming an entrepreneur. At the age of 14, Aziah created Zi’ Gloss which later developed into Luv4 Zi' Gloss, a handmade lipgloss collection, out of a desire to share her creativity with the world. After watching her mom running her own business, she realized she didn’t have to wait until she was an adult. Her mom’s passion for business fuelled her own love. The driving force for the collection and Aziah’s dream is her love of art, creating, and trying new things. Aziah wants to inspire girls like her and remind them it is never too early to start your dream: a dream is only a dream until you take action. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible. At Zi' Gloss we encourage you to #ShineBright, #BeBold & #StayGlossy

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