About Us

Luv4Life was developed by husband and wife, Richard and Ciara Wilkins.  Our mission is to inspire others through fashion and encouragement, and to help others discover their unique beauty within.   

 Luv4Life started as a fashion brand to dress up the outer you and overtime developed into fashion with a purpose, which aims to connect you to your inner beauty. We believe true beauty is found within a person's heart and fashion just adds a compliment to that true beauty. Have you ever heard the saying, when you feel good you will look even better? Well, that's true! 

 Through life's challenges Luv4Life became our life slogan to remind each other to never give up because Luv is a journey;  that we are all constantly learning to make every moment great with luv remaining the best possible experience. So in other words we want you to join us in Luving Life, feeling great about yourself and staying stylish while making Luv the greatest experience. 

 At Luv4Life, we encourage, we motivate and create contemporary and stunning fashion styles for Men, Women and Children. Luv4Life represents who we are  and what we love.             

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